Professional Corporations in North Carolina Providing Occupational Therapy

Pursuant to Chapter 55B of the North Carolina General Statutes and Section .0700 of the Rules of the North Carolina Board of Occupational Therapy licensed occupational therapists or occupational therapy assistants who want to form a Professional Corporation or Professional Limited Liability Company must apply to the North Carolina Board of Occupational Therapy for a Certificate of Registration.


Professional Corporation Application:

Apply Online


If you have previously paid for an application and need to continue completing it, you may log back into the application by clicking the link below.


Login to Application

Once the application is completed online and the fifty dollar ($50.00) fee is submitted and the application is approved by the Board, a Certificate of Registration will be returned to the applicant for use in filing the articles with the Secretary of State’s office.


Renewal of Certificate of Registration and Online Renewal:

 In accordance with Rule .0703(4), a Certificate of Registration must be renewed annually with the Board. 


Instructions for Professional Corporations Online Renewals:


Beginning May 15 you will be able to access the Professional Corporations online renewal page at the Professional Corporations tab of the Board’s website at  Follow the online instructions to the Corporate Licensee Log-in page.  As the June 30 renewal deadline draws nearer, you may experience server slowdowns, which may delay or prevent renewals from being processed.


To complete your online renewal you will need:

  1. your North Carolina OT or OTA license number or or your previous renewal password;
  2. a valid MasterCard, Discover or Visa credit card with expiration date, security code and complete billing address.

The first time you log-in you will use your North Carolina OT or OTA license number for your password.  The next screen will prompt you to change your password.  Make a note of your new password as it will be required to log-in to renew next year.


Renewal Page One (1) contains your personal and Professional Corporation information from the Board’s files.  Please review and correct the information as necessary so that our records are current and complete.  If there are any changes to your Professional Corporation information, you must contact the Secretary of State and the Board.  Your mailing address is the location you would like written correspondence from the Board to be sent.  Please complete all sections.


NOTE: If you wish to keep a copy of the information submitted during the renewal process, you must print each page of the online renewal after completing the required information but before clicking the “save and continue” button.


Renewal Page Two (2) contains information on the organizers and persons who are employed to practice occupational therapy for your Professional Corporation. 


Renewal Page Three (3) contains the declaration of moral character questions.  These questions must be answered in order to continue. There is also an affirmation that you have read the North Carolina Occupational Therapy Practice Act and Rules of the Board and conduct your practice accordingly.  The most current copy of the Practice Act and Rules can be accessed on the Board web site. (Practice Act and Rules)


When you click “save and continue” you will be advised that you have successfully completed the online renewal application and will be directed to the secure payment site.  The Board accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit and debit cards.  No card information is stored by the Board.  After the transaction is complete, you may print the acknowledgement page to confirm that the corporation renewal was processed. The acknowledgement page includes your Corporation Registration Certificate in a PDF format and a statement that you have paid $25 to renew your license.  It is the licensee’s responsibility to print your Professional Corporation certificate.  Your debit or credit card statement will serve as your payment receipt.



Online renewals are not available after June 30th.  If you need to renew after that point, it must be done by mail.  Contact the Board if you have questions.


Enter Corporate Online Renewals


If you have already renewed, and just need to reprint your Certificate of Registration, login using the link below and you will be allowed to reprint your Certificate of Registration.


Reprint Certificate of Registration


There is a ten dollar ($10.00) late fee for renewal applications completed after June 30.


Dissolving your Professional Corporation or Limited Liability Company:


Written notice shall be provided to the Board within 30 days of dissolving the professional entity and Articles of Dissolution filed with the Secretary of State’s office.