To report a possible violation of the North Carolina Occupational Practice Act or Rules of the Board, complete the online complaint form or mail the downloadable form to the Board office along with any supporting documentation.  You may download the form from the Board’s website or request to have one mailed to you by emailing the Board at  You may also complete the the form online and submit it directly to the Board.  Both of these links are listed at the bottom of this page.  HIPPA regulations state that the Board is a health oversight agency to which  release of protected health information is a permitted disclosure without patient authorization.  45 CFR 164.512(d).

In completing the form, the person making the complaint is referred to as the complainant.  The individual the complaint is against is referred to as the respondent.

Please state the facts briefly and clearly.  Include the name and contact information of all witnesses and the specific information they possess to substantiate the complaint.  Please include copies of any documents, records, statements or contracts that may assist the Board in conducting the investigation.

Mail the downloadable complaint form along with any attachments to the following address:


NC Board of Occupational Therapy
4140 ParkLake Ave

Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27612



Upon receipt of the complaint and establishment of jurisdiction, an investigation is conducted to determine whether a violation of the North Carolina Occupational Therapy Practice Act or Rules of the North Carolina Board of Occupational Therapy has occurred.  If the investigation indicates a violation has occurred, the respondent may be offered a consent agreement.  If a consent agreement cannot be agreed upon, a hearing may be held before the Board to hear the evidence.  If there is a hearing, you may be called to testify as a witness.  The complaint will be dismissed by the Board if there is not sufficient evidence to proceed or if a violation of the Practice Act or Rules is not found.

The Board investigator may contact you during the investigation and will notify you in writing of the status of your complaint at the end of investigation.

Use the button below to file a complaint confidentially online.


File a Complaint Online


If you wish to file your complaint in a written form, use the forms provided below.


Forms needed to file a complaint

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