General Help for creating PDF files


If you already have a copy of your CCA completion form in PDF format, than you can upload it directly to the NCBOT site during the renewal process. If you donít already have a copy of your CCA completion document in PDF format, you can convert or create this document in various ways, depending on what you possess.

If you have a copy of the document in a printable format (.doc, .jpg, .bmp, etc.) then you can download various free tools that will allow you create a PDF from these formats. Examples of these tools are:

Most Apple computers beginning with OS X have the ability to convert documents to PDFs.

If you possess only the printed form of the CCA completion form, you will need to scan the document into a computer and save it in a PDF format. Methods of scanning the document include home scanners, all in one machines (copier, printer, scanner) and smart phones. Examples of free apps that are available for smart phones include:

  • Genius Scan
  • Camscanner

The smart phone apps allow you to take a picture of your document and convert it into a PDF that can then be emailed to you. If you use this method, please make sure you take the photo in plenty of light and be sure that the final document is clear and legible.